Review: RealBeanz Iced Coffee with Coconut Water

Realbeanz Coffee Review

RealBeaz has released a ready-to-drink iced coffee drink made with Coconut water. Although the combination may seem a bit odd, the dark rich flavor of the coffee combines well with the light and sweet Coconut water for a unique iced coffee experience.

The coconut water adds a noticeable yet subtle flavor to the coffee which at first may catch you by surprise but, after a few sips the different flavor notes come together really well. In addition to making the drink tastier, the coconut water makes the iced coffee very refreshing.

Out of their new flavors, I found that the Cappuccino and Caramel Iced Coffees tasted the best as they worked well with the coconut water. Although the coffee can be drank straight out of the bottle, there’s nothing like drinking iced coffee out of a cup with a couple ice cubes.

RealBeanz Iced Coffees are available nationwide; you can find local retailers on their website.

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