Review of Dirty South – Unbreakable: Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune

Dirty South-Unbreakable

Dirty South Unbreakable

In this new, hot track by Dirty South, a Pete Tong Essential Tune, Unbreakable, Dirty South creates a beautiful blend of dance, trance, and melodic music.  The song starts off with having a very light, melodic background noise, later introducing the vocals, who follow a similar style as Coldplay. As the lyrics build, the baseline grows stronger, introducing more and more instruments as the chorus progresses. The drop has a very light melody with a heavy focus on the trance genre.

“Unbreakable” Out August 2014

Born in Serbia, raised in Australia, Dirty South’s life has caused him to travel all over, also making him a very well-rounded individual, especially in his music. With this new hit single, Unbreakable, Dirty South is seeking out to release an album later this year, spanning many different genres. Dirty South is very talented at blending different genres and making them compatible to one another, in one single track.


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