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Reviewed: Godzilla (2014) in IMAX 3D

To sum it up in one word (or two), Godzilla (2014) is BAD-ASS.

The 2014 adaptation of ‘classic’ Godzilla is based in the Pacific Ocean and surround areas, unlike the 1998 version based in New York City. At first, I was a bit skeptical, hearing a lot of negativity from fans but, after watching it, I would definitely go back and watch it again.

The production quality and especially the graphics were superb — almost elegant in nature. The most memorable moment where I was in awe of the graphics was when Godzilla emerged from a plume of dust and debris. There were a lot of moments, especially during the fighting scenes, where the sheer quality and badassery of the scene made me laugh followed by a “holy sh*t” or “wow” afterwords.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I did have some personal/fanboy issues with the story line; some characters don’t last as long as I imagined and there was a ‘way too dramatic’ scene where Godzilla is pronounced ‘Gojira’. It should of been a dramatic scene but, I couldn’t help but to chuckle at it. Other than that, I had no issue with the movie. The production team did a really good job of finishing the movie with a slight cliff hanger leaving the audience prepared for a sequel which is a good thing because no one likes a forced sequel either. Some may find that Godzilla needs to hit the gym, a bit thicker than the usual Godzilla everyone imagines, but it isn’t really an issue at all. This Godzilla is still pretty badass.

At the end of it all, ‘Godzilla (2014)’ is a must-see movie — a great way to start off the Summer/Spring of epic movies. If you get a chance to, watch it in IMAX 3D. I’m not much of a 3D lover, some movies just don’t need it but, Godzilla is one of those movies that watching it in 3D just makes it that much better.

In Theaters tomorrow, 05/16/2014.

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4.85/5 Stars


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