After A Long Teaser Campaign A New Latin Star is Revealed Joel Nuñez


Los Angeles, CA – Today we reveal the face and voice of one of Latin music’s most promising artists. After several weeks of an intense teaser campaign, which generated a great amount of buzz about the singer of “Cuando Se Cree” (When You Believe), will premiere the debut single of Puerto Rican singer songwriter Joel Nuñez.

His single is his introduction into the Latin music industry in which he created a great deal of curiosity through his teaser campaign.

In addition to his musical training, Joel Nuñez’s story is an interesting one. His sound and unique style originated as a result of many experiences he has had due to residing in diverse places such as Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile and in several U.S. cities in Texas and Florida.

These experiences, in addition to his musical and cultural background, have been the perfect recipe for Joel’s distinct sound and musical composition style. With influences in genres such as Andean music, rock, ska, and punk among others, Joel Nuñez has been infected with different musical styles due to his experience from living in several cities.

Upon moving to Mississippi, Joel experienced one of the richest phases of his musical career. In the three years he studied music there, he learned a great deal about the Blues. He also immersed himself in the Mississippi River’s culture that lead him to discover other genres of music such jazz, rock and country and further, discover musical icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Due to his constant traveling back and forth to and from Peru, during the time he was studying, Joel stayed in touch with his Latin roots. Finally his family moved to Miami and made it a permanent home. Miami also became home to Joel Nuñez’s writing and the production of his new album, which is due later out this year.

Another event that changed his life occurred on October 23, 2003 when the Florida Marlins (known as the Miami Marlins today) celebrated winning their second World Series Baseball. That night, after attending a Pat Metheny concert, Joel suffered a traffic accident in which he was the passenger. As a result, his right hand was damaged causing him to lose mobility. After multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation, the mobility in his hand has been recovered allowing Joel to play his guitar and move forward with his career.

This is the story of Joel Nuñez, his sound, and voice, which have generated a great deal of curiosity and interest among fans and media.

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