Daddy Yankee Launches His Own Line Of Watches “Legends Of The Game”



Washington DC – Daddy Yankee has teamed up with Azad Watches to create a line of watches part of the “Legend Of The Game” watches by Azad. Many other famous celebrities have created watch lines through Azad like Ice T, Rev. Run and Alex Sensation. Daddy Yankee and his line are set to launch later on this year, with no definite release date yet. The watches consist of a modern and stylish analog clock with a textured leather wrist band. One of the models also has small gems placed along the edges of the main part of the watch. There is still no retail value for this watch but Azad watches are not cheap, the watches can retail from $900 to upwards of $2000 or more depending on the model. More information about this watch line will soon be available to the general public,  stay tuned for more information as it comes.

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