Rakim (RKM) Injured In Fight [Developing]

Rakim Injury Corillo Magazine Exclusive

Rakim Injury Corillo Magazine Exclusive

Around 2:00AM EST on July 7th, Jose Nieves better known as Reggaetonero, Rakim or RKM, uploaded a selfie of himself showing an injury to the side of his eye. He accompanies the image with the following caption:

“I look like this and you knocked out. [Someone] pick him up. We are ready. Don’t get confused and [we won’t] get sidetracked, you [all ready] know hahaha”

The post was immediately met with comments from concerned fans and a small number of friends who asked about the picture. Rakim replied arrogantly replying with comments implying he knocked out his “opponent” saying “look for him, he’s laid out” and then confirming with a comment reading “Nockkoautt (Knockout)”

We have reached out asking for more information but, no reply as of yet. After taking down the original photo, RKM posted a photo of himself in a boxing outfit — seemed more of a calender-like photoshoot than action shots from an actual match. This photo has also been taken down. More information will be posted as we get it.

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