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Cool Product of the Week #7: USB Flash Drive with Military Grade 256-bit Encryption


Washington, D.C.– Yes, a flash drive with military grade encryption. Whether you’re nerdy and enjoy that your school projects and papers will be safely stored in a flash drive or you’re a rogue secret agent carrying important data, this flash drive is the flash drive for you!

Apricorn has created a 16 GB flash drive that has a 256-bit hardware encryption to “lock” your data in from unwanted users. The drive comes equipped with a pin lock system to prevent the data from being opened on a computer, a passcode ranging from 7 to 15 numbers depending on your preferences. Incase you were wondering how much it cost, well, the security of your data will set you back $125.00 USD. There are also smaller flash drives starting at $63.00 USD at 4GB’s.

You can purchase on Amazon, here.

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