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Cool Product of the Week #3: 4K Redray Player: Plays 4096×2160 Video!


Washington DC – So your Blu-Ray Player can play 1080p Bluray disks? Cool. This Redray player can play 4K video! Thats 4096×2160!

The people at ODEMAX and Redray have developed a 4k video player for personal and commercial use. The player can stream 4K video at 2.5mb/s from SD cards, internet sources or internal memory (of 1TB). The player can be used to run a 4K Projector, QHD TV’s or 4 1080p displays. View more of the tech specs of the player at the bottom of the post.

Wondering how much this will all cost? Just $1450.00 USD. The player will be available to the public on March of 2013. For more information please visit their website here.

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