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Tiesto Launches His Own Line of Headphones with AKG


Washington DC – We’ve seen pictures leaking of Tiesto’s new AKG headphones before, but now its official. The “world’s best DJ” has released a line of professional DJ headphones with AKG.

The dutch DJ and producer will release three different headphones under his line; the K67, K167 and K267. Each headphone has a different function and a different level of audio quality. A good rule of thumb is that the higher the number preceding the letter; the better the quality. The K67 is a high audio performance headphone ideal for outdoor use for DJ’s or for personal recreational use. The K167 is a step up with the same function with better noise reduction and usually reserved for DJ’s or hardcore music enthusiasts. The top of the line, the K267 is a headphone used for studio use or producers who want the best sound while creating their music.

All can be ordered online today, excepted the K267 which is only available for pre-ordering. All these headphones were designed in conjunction with AKG and Tiesto in Vienna, Austria. You can order your headphones here or search for a US based retailer here.

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