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David Dallas – Buffalo Man EP (2012) [Hip Hop]: A Must Have EP!


Washington DC – New Zealand rapper, David Dallas, has launched his new EP titled “Buffalo Man”. The Hip Hop EP consists of six tracks, including the track “Spend A Lifetime” featuring Daniel Merriweather. The EP also includes the song “Ever Get The Feeling” which was the first promotional track for the EP, which was accompanied by a great and scenic music video. David Dallas has a flow that is new, fresh and yet recognizable — in a sense somewhat old school an almost “old school hip hop” feel to his music. The “Buffalo Man EP” is expected to be a classic just like “The Rose Tint”. If you have not heard of David Dallas please download the EP or stream it below and get to know the Kiwi rapper. Leave your comments below with your thoughts and opinions of the EP.

Stream “Buffalo Man EP”:

David Dallas – Buffalo Man EP (2012)

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