Take A Look At The Hundred’s & Casio’s New G-Shock Watch


Washington DC – A LA-based lifestyle brand, The Hundreds, has teamed up with Casio for an exciting G-Shock offering in the form of the GW 5610. In a theme similar to the yin and yang, the watch features a white strap and contrasting black bezel and negative display. This new product was first spotted at Berlin’s ‘The Bright’ trade show and word has it being released in either March or April 2012. For now, allow this image to serve as an official preview and check out more below.

[lightbox group=”GW 5610 Preview” title=”1″ link=”×386.jpg”]Alternative Views[/lightbox]

[lightbox group=”GW 5610 Preview” title=”2″ link=””]Alternative Views[/lightbox]

[lightbox group=”GW 5610 Preview” title=”3″ link=””]Alternative Views[/lightbox]

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