Nike Launches Their “FuelBand” Wristband

Nike Fuelband Promo

Washington DC – Nike has recently unvailed their new fitness wristband which officially launches February 22, 2012 but is available for pre-order today at 5:00pm (EST) for $150.00 (USD). The wristband named “Fuelband” measures your daily physical activity and converts them into points
[lightbox group=”Connectivity” title=”Specs” link=””](View Video – Click To View)[/lightbox]. The user sets a goal of total points they wish to achieve daily and the wristband tracks these points until you have reached your goal which can be checked or set via mobile device like your iPhone or through a desktop computer through a [lightbox group=”Connectivity” title=”Connectivity” link=””]Bluetooth or USB Connection (Click To View)[/lightbox]. The wristband by Nike is a great tool to use in your quest to become more active, the Fuelband gives the user a goal to reach so it is more like a challenge or game rather than forcing yourself into something you otherwise would find boring. Once a goal is achieved, Nike gives the user a “Reward”, which varies depending on the user.

The wristband even helps you understand how emotion affects your physical activity and performance, with the app on your mobile device you can input your emotion and add a little note with more information so when you go back you can see whether being angry or happy  (or any other emotion) affects your performance. Check out the specs below:

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